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What Is Blog Comment In SEO?

Blog commenting is the greatest way to create build high DA PA backlinks For your websites, and drive traffic on your website Or blog

What is Blog Commenting?

Blog commenting is described as a connection between blogs, bloggers, blog visitors, and readers. It is an excellent method to swap ideas, thoughts or opinions regarding what people think for a singular subject or a blog post. Blog comments support the blog to produce traffic.

blog commenting is the easiest way to connect bloggers or blog authors if readers have any question and suggestion about his/her blog or share some knowledge with other visitors, comments are a good idea to connect all these.

Why is Blog Commenting important?

Blog commenting is a technique to popular out the blogs. Commenting points to the discussion which, more leads to developing a relationship connecting with the user and the author or blogger. This is another way to increase the conversation and bounce rate is the better will be your popularity. Moreover, it’s not only about popularity, through commenting, but you also get a lot of high-quality backlinks and improve traffic on your website.

The advantages of blog comments are:

  • Blog comments give a High DA PA backlinks 
  • Blog comments help you to know what visitor or readers want 
  • Replying to comments helps you to increase your connection with your users
  • Good blog make by good post and visitors are who comment our post they tell us how is our post, and what suggestion they give us.

So they all are points what comments role in SEO also in blogging.