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How does Social Media help for Increasing Businesses?

Social media was once viewed as a platform for users to communicate and show off their personal lives, however, it’s now overlapping with many businesses existing marketing strategies. This is all well and good if it is used correctly, choosing the most appropriate social media platform for your business is the first step in doing so.

Undoubtedly, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the leading giants when it comes to the world of social media.  Whilst all three are widely used across the world by both consumers and businesses, not all three are necessarily appropriate for your industry and style of content.

In this article, we’re going to review which platform is best for your business.


Facebook marketing works best for three industries: fashion, auto, and eCommerce industries. This has to do with the way that these industries are visually orientated, making it possible to create content that is shared by the masses and receives copious engagement.

With the ability to use paid advertising on Facebook, these industries are able to get in front of their targeted audience in a similar way to TV, radio, and printed advertisement. On top of this, the addition of Facebook Marketplace enables users to buy and sell products in their local area. This is a particularly popular feature in the auto industry world.

As well as paid campaigns, it’s possible for these industries to promote special offers and competitions in order to build their audience.

Obviously, business promotion on Facebook isn’t limited to these industries. Although the stats prove that marketing on this platform works best for these industries, businesses which are willing to host local events can also excel on this platform.


Twitter works best for businesses such as travel agents, supermarkets, IT support, and charities. In short, companies which have a strong customer service department in place.

This has to do with the way that Twitter is quickly updated and is highly opinion-based. With this in mind, an effective company account will need to have someone available to respond to customer complaints, posts, and questions in real-time to build relationships and a strong reputation on the platform.


Over the last couple of years, Instagram has dominated and revolutionised social media marketing. The platform works best for restaurants, interior designers, and fashion brands.

For instance:

  • Instagram has changed the game for restaurants, becoming a competition of who can make their food look the best and come up with the wackiest menu items. High-quality images naturally attract more likes. The ability to find personal accounts in the area using the location tag means you’re able to engage and share content with users who are likely to visit the restaurant and build trust with them.
  • Unsurprisingly, the home interior industry is booming on Instagram and promotes everything that Instagram is about. The platform is aesthetically driven, offering a whole world of creative inspiration for users to incorporate in their own homes. On top of this, the interior industry is prone to partnering with other brands to promote their products.
  • With the rise of influencer marketing, a new generation of fashion models has cropped up through the platform. Producing shareable content for the fashion accounts and realistic product images for the website. In conjunction with this, Instagram has grown to make it more accessible for users to buy fashion items through the app. This is possible with the swipe up function on stories, and the recently developed Instagram Checkout enables you to directly buy products from an influencer’s post.

In a similar way to Facebook, businesses would do well to use paid advertising and offer special promotions on Instagram if they’re keen to grow their audience and awareness. This is especially important for businesses who want to target a wider audience than just local.

To really obtain and retain an audience, your business needs to develop a standout personality on the platform. Creating a memorable presence that drives users to follow your account.

With this blog post, it should be easier to identify which social media platform will work best for your industry. Realistically, it looks better if your business has a social media account but to receive the maximum benefits of doing so, you really need to be sure that you’ve selected the most appropriate platform.

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